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In periodontics, we deal with protecting the supporting areas of the teeth and the conditions that affect them. In our office, we can provide very reliable, professional periodontic services. This is part of our holistic approach to your family’s health.

Gum disease is a large part of our concern in periodontics. Gum diseases such as Gingivitis and Periodontitis can be painful and cause other health issues. Some effects include the loosening of the teeth and gum recession.

We provide scaling procedures. Scaling is the process of removing hard built-up plaque from the teeth and under the gums. This is an effort designed to reduce the chances of having plaque-related symptoms and disorders. Similarly, root planing is designed to remove build up from the teeth. This way, we remove harmful toxins, substances and microorganisms.

Using these peridontic techniques, we can keep you and your family healthy.

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